Caramelized Tartlet of Leeks and Scallops with Saffron Hollandaise

Individual puff pastry tarts filled with oven caramelized shreddings of leek and scallops. Delicious as an indulgent first course with a light salad garnish or serve with new potatoes and a mixed leaf salad as a main meal.

Serves 4
Prep 20 minutes
Cook 15-20 minutes


500g Chilled puff pastry
450g Leeks, trimmed and cut into matchstick size pieces
Clove of garlic
25g Butter
1 tbsp Light and mild olive oil
225g Scallops, halved horizontally
2 tbsp Fresh chopped flat leaf parsley
Light sprinkling of sea salt and ground black pepper

200ml Crème fraiche
4g Sachet saffron strands
15g Butter
1 tsp Cornflour blended with 1 tbsp cold water
1 tbsp White balsamic vinegar

Sprigs of flat leaf parsley and lime wedges 

Cut pastry block into 4 even squares. Roll each out to an approximate thickness of a £1 coin and cut into rounds using a 14cm saucer as a template. Place onto a baking sheet lined with baking parchment.

Prepare topping. Gently pan sweat the leeks and garlic in the butter and olive oil for 2-3 minutes without colouring. Add scallops and parsley and cook for a further 2 minutes (no longer as the scallops will toughen) Season generously.

Spoon mix onto pastry rounds leaving a clear 2cm pastry border.

Oven cook until the pastry has risen and is golden and the leeks have started to caramelize to a golden brown.

Meanwhile prepare the Saffron Hollandaise. Melt the butter in a small solid based pan and add saffron. Sweat for 1 minute until the saffron starts to colour the butter. Stir in the remaining ingredients until the sauce starts to simmer. Turn to a low heat and keep warm.

Serve tarts drizzled with the saffron hollandaise and garnished with flat leaf parsley and lime.

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