Joe Woodhouse

Joe Woodhouse, chef, food and wine photographer, author of Your Daily Veg

Joe grew up on farms in Cambridge and Scarborough. In his twenties he trained as a chef and worked in restaurants before embarking on a career as a food stylist and food and travel photographer. 

Joe has been a vegetarian since he was ten years old and has since developed a deep understanding of flavoursome vegetarian cooking that draws its inspiration from seasonality and good ingredients. He lives in London with his wife and two children, and his first cookbook, YOUR DAILY VEG, is published by Kyle Books, and he is currently working on a follow-up title.

Joe says:

“I love the versatility of leeks. They are such an easy ingredient to make so many dishes all year round. They cook really quickly and add a lovely allium sweetness to recipes. They are welcome across so many different cuisines. Such a fun vegetable to cook with. It is almost as if you are getting two for one with the plump juicy white sections and the more herbal green tops. Always a brilliant vegetable to have at the ready in the fridge as a reliable go to.”

Helen Best-Shaw, food influencer, recipe creator and photographer

Helen Best-Shaw is best known as the recipe creator and photographer behind Fuss Free Flavours one of the UK’s original and longest running food blogs.   

Helen’s recipes are designed to be fuss free, achievable by anyone, but without compromising on flavour, with step-by-step instructions and helpful hints and tips to help you become a better cook and learn the whys, as well as what to do.      

Her recipes focus on food for couples and families easily made after work.  Helen is also a huge fan of cooking once and eating two or more times by tucking several portions away in the freezer, and deliberately making enough food for another meal, or a packed lunch for work. 

Her recipes and photography have been featured in all the UK’s main food publications including BBC Good Food, and the Waitrose and Sainsbury’s magazines.   

Helen says:

The changing seasons are reflected in my food. To me, winter is a season for warming soups, stews and homely evenings of candlelight; fresh, British grown leeks are an absolute essential. 

“Tasty, versatile and available fresh through the winter, they can be used in so many delicious ways. Cooked slowly, they are creamy and sweet. Or, stir-fry or braise to keep their shape and give a sharper flavour. Or even finely chopped raw baby leeks add crunch and hint of onion heat to winter salads and slaws. 

“They’re not just delicious, they’re nutritious too, packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants. All in all, British leeks deserve their place in my weekly shop, and should be in yours too. “

The British Leeks Association Ambassador is sponsored by Nunhems Seeds, part of BASF.