The following seed companies are sponsors of the website:

Elsoms Seeds

Elsoms Seeds is an independent company which has been breeding, producing and marketing seeds in the UK for over 100 years. Investment in research and trialling remains central to continual improvement of varietal performance for our customers. Elsoms market and distribute their range of leek varieties on behalf of Bejo Zaden. Bejo is one of the leading companies in breeding, production, processing and sale of premium quality vegetable seeds. Elsoms work closely with Bejo developing their portfolio of many promising new leek hybrids.

Enza Zaden UK Ltd

Enza Zaden develops new vegetable varieties that are grown, sold and consumed all over the world. So it’s very likely that you’ll often find our tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, lettuce or other vegetables developed by us on your plate. We produce and sell the seeds of these vegetables worldwide.

Besides being an international vegetable-breeding company, Enza Zaden is also an independent family business. For three generations, an entrepreneurial spirit, long-term vision and focus on innovation have characterised our company’s distinctive features and healthy growth.

Hazera Seeds UK

Our ethos is to cultivate progress through dedicated research. Continuously innovating, we combine modern science with traditional breeding methods to create top-quality, high-yielding varieties. Hazera works directly with leading international research institutions, applying the latest science to generate better solutions for customers worldwide. Our processes and laboratories are certified in accordance with the highest quality standards, including ISO and NAL.

Growers are at the heart of everything we do. Our experts actively engage with growers to evaluate their needs, assisting with variety selection and providing guidance and support throughout the entire crop cycle. This hands-on approach adds extra value for growers, helping them to maximise crop potentials with minimum inputs leading to longer term prosperity.


PlantTape is the world’s most advanced, efficient and flexible process for the sowing, germination, and transplanting of crops.  The entire PlantTape process is built around our namesake innovation: a biodegradable tape that holds seeds and seedlings. The tape facilitates ease of sowing, efficient nursery operations, and automated transplanting.

Seminis – Vegetables by Bayer

A tradition of excellence

Seminis is proud to operate on the belief that every generation can be better than the last. It’s a principle that goes well beyond innovative vegetable seed development. We believe that if tomorrow is to be better for our partners, it’s up to us to work in collaboration to make it so.

This strongly held conviction allows us to fully understand and deliver on the unique needs of open-field and greenhouse growers. Partnering with everyone from fresh market growers to processing professionals, and small scale to large commercial farmers, we offer more than 20 different crops in more than 150 countries and territories. 

Together, we can do even more.

Now, as part of Vegetables by Bayer, the quality you’ve come to expect from Seminis can be found at an even more powerful scale. With our vast networks of research and development, as well as our local presence, we’ll have an even greater ability to support our partners with custom solutions.

Rijk Zwaan

Rijk Zwaan is proud to sponsor the Leek Growers Association website. Rijk Zwaan is an independent vegetable seed breeding company active worldwide focusing on the breeding, production and sales of high quality vegetable varieties for professional growers. The company was founded in 1924 and since the outset worked on the leek crop. Originally producing open pollinated varieties such as Wintereuzen RZ and Goliath RZ, it has more recently, since the onset of leek hybridisation, worked with Matejko RZ and Matisse RZ varietals.

Tozer Seed Ltd

Tozer Seeds have been leading the market with our open pollinated Leek varieties. We are now expanding and improving our range of hybrids. The results of many years of breeding are now becoming available. A range of new varieties are due for release within the coming years. Market standards require leeks to have a dark green, robust and thin leaf. They also need to be accompanied with easy to peel and bulb free shanks. Due to our breeding program we are convinced our new varieties will be able to compete with the leading varieties in the world market.