Leek and Watercress Layered Vegetable Terrine

A really pretty dish to be served as a starter or light lunch. Choose tender young leeks for the best results.

Serves 6
Prep 60 minutes

1x15ml tbsp Light and mild olive oil
25g Butter
2 oranges Grated zest and juice
4 cloves
300g Tender young leeks, finely chopped
75g Watercress, stems removed and roughly chopped
5 Sheets of leaf gelatine
Generous sprinkling Ground black pepper
150g Reduced fat crème fraiche

1 Medium Red Pepper, seeds removed and quartered
1x5ml tsp Olive oil
200ml Tomato juice
Pinch Chilli pepper
4 Sheets of leaf gelatine

Lightly sauté the leeks with the oil and butter, orange zest and cloves to soften. Reserve 4 x 15ml of the orange juice and add remainder to the pan along with the watercress. Cook briefly until the watercress has wilted. Season well and remove the cloves.

Meanwhile cut and soak the gelatine leaves win the reserved orange juice and follow on pack instructions to melt. 

Whiz leek and watercress mixture with the melted gelatine and crème fraiche until smooth.

Spoon between 6 mini Hovis style tins or individual ramekins lined with cling film. Chill until set.

Meanwhile prepare tomato layer. Preheat oven to 220oC/425oF/Gas Mark 7 and roast the red pepper drizzled with the oil until soft. Peel away skin.

Cut and soak the gelatine leaves with 4 x 15ml of tomato juice and melt as above. Combine with the remaining tomato juice, roasted pepper and seasonings. Whiz until smooth and pour over the set leek layer.

Chill terrines until set. Turn out onto individual plates and peel away cling film just before serving.

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