Leek canapés

Leek canapés

Leek stems make a really striking base for some healthy canapés with a difference

Makes about 10-12 canapés, depending on the size of the leek


1 leek using the central light green and white stem

1 tbsp rapeseed oil

Canapé filling of your choice


Slice the leek stem into 1 cm thick rings.  Rinse away any dirt in a colander.  Pat dry.

To hollow out the centre slightly, so that they can hold a canape filling, gently push the centre rings up and then cut away the top of the centre rings.  You want to make sure there is still a solid base to each ring.

In a frying pan gently heat the oil.

Add the hollowed out leek stem rings, leaving a centimetre of space between each.  Place a lid over the frying pan, so that the stem rings are lightly sauteed on the base, and lightly steamed on top.  You want to make sure you don’t overcook them, so approximately a minute is enough.

Top with your canapé fillings, and serve – either hot or cold.

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