Leek chips

Leek chips


The dark green leaves of the leek

100ml rapeseed oil

Flaky sea salt


Wash the green leaves of the leek to remove dirt.  

Cut into squares of approximately 4cm in diameter.  The leek leaves naturally already have lines on them, so you want to follow those lines to make cutting the chips easy.  Fold the 4cm square leaves in half, and slice the leaves following the natural lines into matchstick size thickness

In a frying pan heat the oil over a medium high heat.

After 30 seconds or so of the oil heating, place one of the matchstick size leaf pieces into the oil.  When the oil starts to bubble around it, this means the oil is hot enough.

Add the remaining matchstick size cut leaves and fry in the oil until crispy.  This only takes about 60-80 seconds.  Remove from the oil quickly and place on a surface that lets you drain off any excess oil.   

Sprinkle flaky sea salt over the chips, and serve.

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