Mousseline of Leek and Smoked Trout

Individual smoked trout and leek mousse delicately wrapped in a pretty parcel.

Serves 4
Prep 30 minutes

2 Medium leeks 
225g/ 8oz Smoked trout  
225g/ 8oz Crème fraiche 
1 Sachet gelatine powder 
2 Egg whites 
1 x 15ml tbsp Olive oil 
2 x 15ml tbsp Fresh chopped parsley 
1 Lime, grated zest and juice of 
Sprinkling Ground sea salt and black pepper 
Lime Slices for garnish

Trim leeks and halve lengthwise. Pull away sufficient strips of leek to line the ramekin dishes. Set aside remaining leek for filling.

Place leek strips in a colander over boiling water for 2 – 3 minutes to soften. Rinse under cold water.

Line ramekin dishes with alternate strips of smoked trout and leek leaving sufficient to fold back over filling.

Prepare filling. Place remaining leek in a food processor and chop until fine. Gently sauté the leek in the olive oil for 5 minutes to soften but not brown. 

Finely chop the remaining smoked trout and parsley and combine with the leek, lime zest and juice and seasonings. Stir in the crème fraiche. 

Place 2 x 15ml tablespoons of cold water into a small cup and sprinkle gelatine over. Microwave briefly for 5 seconds to dissolve the gelatine to a clear liquid. Stir into the leek mixture. 

Whisk egg whites with an electric mixer until with the bowl can be inverted without losing the filling. Gently fold egg white into the leek mixture using a metal spoon. Spoon filling into lined ramekin dishes and fold back leek and smoked trout over the filling. 

Chill for at least 2 hours until the filling has set. Gently turn out onto individual plates and garnish with lime and parsley.

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