Look out leek lovers, our new season recipes are designed to send your taste buds wild.

This year we've teamed up with MasterChef 2013 finalist, Larkin Cen, to create six delicious, contemporary and innovative leek dishes. From Leeks and Mussels in a Cider Sauce to Lamb and Leek Thai Red Curry, check out our recipe section for a step-by-step guide to making all six mouth-watering recipes to impress your friends or simply to enjoy as everyday suppers.

Who's who

Nick Allpress

Read all about the people who grow our favourite vegetable. This is the Casey family who farm around 500 acres in Lincolnshire. Find out about the Caseys and other members of the Leek Growers' Association by clicking here.

Did you know?

Leeks illustration

During the Middle Ages the leek was considered to have extraordinary qualities. It was the original health food - high in fibre, good for purging the blood, keeping colds at bay and healing wounds. Check out our fun facts section for more fascinating information about leeks.

Tips from the pros

Leeks illustration

Smooth operators, leeks are milder and sweeter than onions with a smooth texture, like asparagus. Brilliant in a wide range of dishes, click here to find out how to select, store and prepare leeks.

What the experts say

Larkin Cen

Larkin Cen, Masterchef 2013 finalist: "British Leeks are great and we should use them more! They are so versatile, the opportunities to cook them are limitless."

Jane Hornby

Jane Hornby, chef & author: "I'm a huge fan of British leeks - great value for family cooking, leeks are an easy way to add home-grown flavour to your favourite meals."

Sarah Schenker

Dr Sarah Schenker, nutritionist: "Leeks are a versatile way to boost the immune system and add flavour, as well as contributing to the essential five-a-day."

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