Chicken, Leek and Brioche Crumble

A creamy savoury crumble simple to prepare and perfect for an everyday family meal. You can prepare this in advance and chill until you are ready to cook making it the ideal fuss free evening option. Using Brioche gives the bake a rich buttery flavour but you could use any quality bread. Make this gluten free by using an artisan style gluten free loaf instead of brioche.

Leek and Chicken Noodles

If you’re doing lots of exercise, you’ll be using lots of energy so you need to ensure you match your energy needs to help your body recover. Make sure that you have a balanced meal and aim for larger portions of carbohydrate-rich foods such as the noodles in this simple stir fry. When you finish training, aim to have a carbohydrate-rich snack or drink within 30 minutes and a balanced meal within 2 hours.